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Our team of educators is completely committed to guiding our students toward success. Our teachers believe in a bright future for every student here at RMJH, and they work tirelessly to help them unlock that future. Please take a moment to become more acquainted with our talented faculty and staff, and be sure to contact them with your questions or concerns.


P: (928) 656.4100

Elizabeth Tallman
RMJH Secretary
P: (928) 656.4100

Iris Gillwood
K-8 Parent Liaison
P: (928) 656.4100


Wanda Deswood
6th Grade-A
P: (928) 656.4100

Maribelle Harvey
6th Grade-B
P: (928) 656.4100

Sadie Kee
Navajo Language/Culture
P: (928) 656.4100

William Lund
Science Teacher
P: (928) 656.4100

Marie White
6th - 8th Grade Reading Intervention Teacher
P: (928) 656.4100

Lavenna Tso
Fast ForWord Teacher
P: (928) 656.4100

Support Staff

Ruby Begay
P: (928) 656.4100

Brenda Brady
ESS Paraprofessional
P: (928) 656.4100